Metal Art at Wholesale Prices for Retailers

Metal Art at Wholesale Prices for Retailers

Visit our work in person!


Visit our work in person!

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About Us



3 Harts Investments, LLC is a family owned and operated metal fabrication shop in Hartwell, Ga.  and produces both custom and standard metal wall art for sale to retailers.

Our Equipment

cnc table plasma cutting metal art

All of our metal wall art pieces are designed in modern software and cnc plama cut from raw steel and then finished in our shop.  We offer a variety of metal art finishes to include powder coating.  Powder Coating is best for outdoor metal wall art.  If we don't stock what you have in mind, we can most likely make it for you.  We also have an extensive library of artwork to work from.  We are capable of making shapes and metal cutouts as small as an ornament up to 4 feet tall and 4 feet plus wide.

Popular Metal Art

Split letter monograms

Metal art comes in all shapes and sizes.  The most popular metal art pieces this year are words and split letter monograms.  Metal art can be used as a stand alone decoration or added to something else as an embellishment.  

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